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    We specialize in the assessment and development of people in the workplace.

de Paoli & Partners A/S is a firm of Consultant working with Organizational Psychology. Our work is focused on helping organizations achieve superlative results by understanding and organizing what we believe to be their most important asset: people.

In short, we aim to improve our clientʼs bottom line by focusing on the organizationʼs human assets and how to deploy those assets to achieve the best performance.

Leadership development

Our consultation around leadership development is designed to help individuals move from increased self-awareness to developmental action.

Assessment Centre

We provide a development tool that shows how your organization is functioning. The assessment centre will be tailored to your exact needs taking into account your organization’s culture and the competencies that you value as well as individual key features.


Our teambuilding workshops focus on performance and cooperation while keeping an eye out for the individual as well as the group as a whole. Poor teamwork is a waste of time and money, whereas effective teamwork is a competitive advantage for the organization.

Psychological assessment

Often, our expertise is engaged in the final stages of hiring. We provide psychological assessment for selection, promotion, or developmental purposes.

Psychological Working Environment

We work in companies and organizations strengthening the psychological working environment by offering workshops and much more…